March  NewMusic
COMING SOON!  Recruiting new Lo-Fi Artists!   
The LoFi Sound

We love the Lo-Fi sound and Ambient Space Music. There is a special place for music that has no lyrics and relaxes the body and mind.  It is very hard to study or concentrate with heavy beats and lyrics .The prime reason we specialize in this type of music is just that; helping you study and relax.  We do not stray outside our musical genres. We know where we belong. Low Fidelity Sounds.  

Our sounds range from light jazzy sounds, lo-fi hip hop, chill hop, synth-wave,  lo-fi trap, deep space ambient music and no beats space music. The static, glitches, skips, drifting sounds, and other effects are on purpose!  The uniqueness of the sounds help make Lo-Fi different from any other music on the market. If you are new to Lo-Fi check out  they are one of the biggest producers of the mainstream Lo-Fi music.  Great people and great music.  They are who got us hooked on the sound!  Why produce our own?  Well there was a need in the Southern United States for help cultivate the sound so we stepped up for our friends.  

We cultivate new musicians into great artists.  If you are a Lo-Fi musician and would like to join our team please contact us.  We are always looking for great new talent.  We believe you will be happy with us and we will help you grow. Question your ability?  Let us be the judge as you are your own hardest critic. We take a few artists each year that need a little fine tuning and work with them to help them improve their skill. If you are interested please message us.  

Give us a listen.  Relax. Enjoy life. Feel the good vibes. Do good things. 

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